An old friend helps out

One of my oldest friends sent me an e mail today. I have known G since I was about 8! He is a very old friend indeed.

His email contained a link to an article in the Daily Mail

G said

” I have been following Junipers blog and she seems to be in a good place at the moment. However, I came across the article in the link below and couldn’t help thinking that it was very apt to her situation. It concurred with a lot of the posts that she writes when things do go wrong, or at least not to plan in her mind.

I don’t profess to understand Eating disorders. I am sure that this is not new, but wondered if the approach of encouraging her to see that the real world is not perfect and that things will not always go as she wants might help.

Love to you all”

The article does make sense to me on many levels.

G rightly pointed out the real world is not perfect. The body image that ED strives for in his victims is certainly not perfect it’s everything but that. Yet ED sufferers don’t see it.

It helps me to know that others are looking out for Juniper too. It can be a knackering job sometimes. G can consider himself an honorary Pacemaker (see earlier posts)

Having friends share the burden of dealing with ED really really helps. I wouldn’t have found this article. I am delighted to share the link as i may help others. Consider it a helping hand from an old friend.

Forum for parents and carers

I joined a forum today called. ” Around the Dinner Table Forum”

It’s organised by F.E.A.S.T. (Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders)

I haven’t participated in anything yet. But it looks interesting. You might want to take a look.

If I am honest I don’t like the acronym for the group. The forum name “around the dinner table” worries me a little to.
We have had some great times around our dinner table. We have also had some pretty stressful times too.

Maybe I am feeling touchy today….I read on Junipers blog she has had a tough weekend. I don’t subscribe automatically to get her blog, so sometimes i can be a few days behind reading it. I don’t know why I don’t subscribe, it feels like prying…….prying to read a blog that someone posts to be read…..get your head round that one Confucius my old buddy!

I hope she has a better week next week. She and he sister BC come home on Friday, can’t wait to see them both. We won’t FEAST, but we will sit round our table and I know we will have some good times.

Dads …….stand up and be counted..lets help each other out.

I came across a US survey which asks Dads what they think about resources dealing with Ed

If i answer from a UK Dads perspective i would say that there is the best part of bugger all. I know I found it reallyl hard to get ED info that I trusted and could rely on.

Anyway the survey link is above.

Good to know someone is taking aun interest. So it’s the least I can do to answer the few questions.

Confucius says…….. (possibly)

“After a shite week at work open two bottles of Rioja”

I do jest of course he wouldn’t have had Rioja!

Nightmare week at work. But I guess that is true for many who read this.

I am supposed to be on holiday next week but know i will be online to the office each day . No change for gazillions of others i suspect.

BC is on the Uni ski trip. Her essentials were paracetamol, plasters, and a bottle of vodka!

Juniper has handed in her coursework and will have a bit of a break over the weekend. But will be working hard I know as she has a few weeks to go before her University career ends

So all in all…………’s a relatively normal Tomagcro family week….or as normal as it gets in our house….ED is low on our respective horizons.

Junipers back home a week today.BC a week tomorrow. Cant bloody wait!

Happy Easter if I don’t blog before

Confucius says…..

This week Juniper asked me to read part of a project dealing with UK business in China. It was really good. One part referred to the philosophy of Confucius.

I googled him and found some of his quotes.

I thought I would share them every now and then. Some of them seem to work for both ED sufferers and their carers

So for starters

Confucius says………. “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.”

It works for me. I know Juniper has reached the stage where she wants to stop weighing herself as she is just about at her target and feels the stress off the weekly weigh in is not worth the grief and angst. I get that.

So slowly slowly catchee monkey. Dunno who said that but suspect i wasn’t my new Chinese mate.