Junipers Weigh day

No loss no gain.

A no score draw as they would say in footballing circles

Juniper didn’t text or tell me direct. I guess she thought i would be upset. I’m not. I think about her “journey” picture on her blog of the road. She just stood still. Maybe she was looking at a great view? Lying in the sun with a friend?

A draw is not a lose. A standstill is not a step backwards.

2 thoughts on “Junipers Weigh day

  1. I think it is utterly amazing that you as a father recognize that a standstill is not a step backwards. My family is still trying to understand that, though I believe they are truly trying their best.

  2. It’s taken me far too long to realise that a standstill is a result. It’s amazing it’s taken me so long if I am honest. All families can do is their best. But remember sufferers have lived with the condition for years….families are always playing catch up and trying to improve their position on the learning curve. If I am honest there are times in the past that I have probably made Juniper feel bad about a standstill. Not TOMAGCRO…….more just a dick head!

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