ED is an elephant.

I have not posted for a while deliberately.

Those of you who follow Junipers blog will know that she has been applying for jobs. She finishes her degree in May and has been applying for graduate schemes with large companies.

It has been a really stressful time. Juniper is a bit of a perfectionist. We have role played interviews, researched linked in, searched the internet, researched products, practiced and anguished over presentations. She has been on company taster days, assessment days, and interviews. The last interview took all day involved an group working session lasting 6 hours.

At the end of the week she spent in London she was exhausted drained , upset about how other members of her group interacted at one interview and has now gone back to Uni to catch up on her work. 7 deadlines loom.

ED has not been discussed. He essentially became a subject we didn’t discuss an elephant in the room. Asking if she was eating properly or discussing weight wasn’t something I felt I could mention but wanted to. Extra stress was not required.

So now we wait……Juniper should hear the outcome of both job applications before Christmas.

As for me a day of reading some medieval Spanish history is planned, No i am not a closet historian. Junipers sister BC is home from Uni for the weekend and is struggling with an essay about the Spanish Inquisition!

What with that and my dad in hospital and me having to threaten to sue the hospital as the treatment he is getting is disgusting , there is never a quiet moment. In fact that is something I will add to my Christmas list …..a quiet moment or two.

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