ED is back :-(

If you follow Junipers blog you will have seen that she posted on her log this week that she has been struggling.

She really has. In fact she has been i think since she came home a few weeks ago.

It’s a fraught time. She is studying for her final University exams which are a few weeks away. She is having interviews for internships. She is not seeing her counsellor while at home.

A home we are all being polite , well as polite as we can with each other.

ED seems to be everywhere, its as though I can smell him and I sometimes hear him speak through Juniper. I have posted before about needing an exorcist. I could do with one now. Separate meals are cooked. Juniper has stopped weighing herself. The eating regime of the clinic with snacks has it seems been abandoned. Timing of meals to be eaten in the evening becomes a discussion item in the morning. Exercise is back and is being undertaken almost secretly.

There is no point it having blazing rows as at the moment both BC and Juniper and D who is staying with us are working so hard on their revision. It won’t achieve anything if I blow my top and vent. I also feel that if I am honest it wont achieve anything either. so i do nothing . I won’t write much in this blog as Juniper reads it (we have both realised that sometimes having followers you know is problematic). When I look back at my blog and frequency of posts I see a pattern. Not posting is because times are tough.

So life goes on in the Tomagcro house, the unwelcome guest ED makes himself comfortable and I grit my teeth.

Thanks for listening.

6 thoughts on “ED is back :-(

  1. Hi T, Sorry to hear this, it’s like a bloody roller-coaster and we can’t seem to get off!!!!!! Fingers crossed that when the pressure of the exams are over then J can relax abit and Ed will bugger off for a while and she can be stronger if an when he comes back. If only we could kick him in the teeth and he’d bugger off for good. If it helps we could do another dinner for parents (even if it did look like a Swingers get together!!!) It would be lovely to all catch up again, we had such a laugh the last time and maybe you guys could do with some support too.
    Big hugs xxx

  2. I’m sorry to hear this 😦 but blips along the path are very common, especially during times of stress. When this all blows over hopefully J can pick herself up and dust herself off again- after all recovery takes a very, very long time, and stumbling blocks are bound to happen when so early on in this process.

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