Recovery is …. A Post Box

If you read Junipers blog you will know she is home. In fact both my girls are home. I love it.

Juniper asked me the other day why i didn’t blog much at the moment. The reason is, if she is happy, i am not sad, so I have nothing to say really.

I know personally parents whose kids are not a the same stage of recovery as Juniper. Me saying how happy i am almost seems like boasting. i know so many parents are not happy. If i think back to where we were a year ago… was terrible. So no blogging means all is well with me.

I will share one thing with you.

Juniper and I went out for a cycle the other day. We have lived in the same house for 20 years. We cycled quite a long way and went down a road we had never seen before. A mile or so along this new road we came to a sign to “Juniper” ..a village. We were both gobsmacked. Neither of us knew it was there. We just had to go down the road and see it..the road to Juniper. It was a straight road but looked quite hilly. We set off. The hills were not too bad.
We wondered what it would be like.
We arrived.

Do you know what It was very small and pretty ordinary. Some nice cottages . In fact all the village had was a post box. No fanfares . No brass bands. A normal village where people just get on with their lives and post letters.
The only letters Juniper and I have ever mentioned in our respective blogs are letters to ED… A good place to tell him to stay away!

I think aout Juniper the village quite a lot. I am a great believer in fate. spooky that Juniper and I discovered Juniper the village when we won’t expecting it.

I think that’s probably what recovery is to me at the moment, a place where nothing is unusual…peaceful… just ordinary. It’s a good place.

You couldn’t make this stuff up!

I will blog some more…but don’t worry about me.

Read junipers blog….it’s far more interesting than mine


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